Burning San Andreas

I just picked up a Lite-On 811S DVD burner and am ready to go.

I was told to use alcohol 120% and burn at 1x speed. For some reason it doesn't allow me to burn any slower than 2.4x

What programs and what speed did you guys burn the game with. I know some of you did so help me out.

2.4x is fine. I have found that the quality of the DVDs has been my biggest hurdle.

I use used DVD Decrypter and Memorex 8x disc and haven't burned a coaster in about 20 games.

I used the last nero and Verbatim dvds. I bought other blank dvds, but my ps2 wouldnt take them.

I want to burn the dvdloader and cdloader... do they have to be on DVD?

DVDloader on DVD, CDLoader on CD.

They are basically the same thing, just depends on whether you are using them to play DVD or CD based game.

yeah.. knew they were to load either dvd copies or cd... but thanks for the info on dvdloader having to be on dvd

Does anyone use Alcohol 120%?

My disc burned fine last night, now Im just waiting for my friggin PnP mod chip and magic discs.

I use Nero to burn.

oh,.. forgot about this... when burning a ps2 game (I haven't ripped a game or downloaded one yet) what type of files (both dvd and cd copies) are they going to be? and do you burn them as an image? is it different for cd and dvd copies?

I burned mine just like an image, San Andreas was an ISO.

Go buy the game you cheap bastid.

Ok the mod chip came and everything is hooked up, but SA is runnin fuckin SLOW and the disc is making this really annoying chirping sound.

workin great with a different disc!!!!


You're a real prick if you burn a game that is actually great,and people put their heart and soul into.

Sony needs your support.

"You're a real prick if you burn a game that is actually great,and people put their heart and soul into. "

LOL!!! But it is ok to burn shitty games, right?

Fuck off dude, I bought GTA3, Vice City, etc. I feel rockstar owes me $100 for Manhunt and State of Emergency. So they are still 50 bucks ahead.

lol @ "they are still 50 bucks ahead"

my slide card should be in today..was back ordered. then I'll rip/burn and sell my original on ebay

  • or - R?

i'm trying with + and Nero keeps telling me i need to burn -

you guys use - ?

The - seem to work much better. It depends on the model of your PS2.

it just stays on that "insert cd" screen.. goes pink in the corners.

that's with +..will try minus