Burns vs Chimaev verbally agree'd to

Awesome fight

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He’s called out every champ on the roster and pretty much every top 5 fighter that has no wrestling background. He pulled out of the only legit ranked match up he had with Edwards then fucked off for months due to ‘covid’

He is ducking Magny too. Guy is a clout chaser who thinks he is a mix of Conor and khabib

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Amazing fight if it happens.

I won’t believe it until I see 2 buttholes in the octagon


Could it be that Usman is just better?

Could be… or could be the size made the difference. We will never know.

wouldnt bet on it happening but hope im wrong


Burns is a stud. He will win or fall on his shield trying. I think Burns will come out guns blazing and if he gets clinched deeply he will pull guard instead of landing in a weird side mount. Hazmat will have to work for everything.


I like watching the fights personally, but if you like looking at butt holes who am I to judge

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No, he will run through Dillbert. People will realize it when they face off. Khamzat will look 2 weight classes bigger.

Khamzat is like McGregor at 145, the guy can fight and has an aura which he’s riding but ultimately he belongs a weight class higher where he’ll be lucky to maintain a .5 record.

That’s a load of shit. Please list the guys at Middleweight who will make Chimaev a .500 fighter.


Khamzat and Burns verbally agreed to fight already just like Khamzat verbally agreed to fight Magny.

It’s the UFC doing the cockblocking here.

Shut er down.

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Look up the top 10. Also your mum

Just get it done Dana. Too much talk.

I’ve had enough of the “but he cuts weight” bullshit - it’s a fucking technique that’s part of the sport.


Agreed. Not the biggest Kabib fan but you can’t knock his accomplishments because of his size advantage. There’s always a yin and yang to everything. As well all know extreme cutting isn’t always favorable.