Burt Watson

How's the UG doing this morning? Alright, so today I was to call Mr. Burt Watson at 11:00 eastern to conduct an interview for the mag. I expected Burt to be a good guy, but let me tell you, I couldn't say enough good things about Burt. I look forward to being able to put the spotlight on him for once in our magazine, because it is usually him that's putting the spotlight on the fighters. If you ever see Burt around a UFC event, be sure to go up and talk with him for a few, he is a genuine guy.


Burt is an amazing individual.

but if he ever refers to me and my crew as the "beach boys" again, I swear I will......

do absolutely nothing

HAHA, he was so mad at me when I pushed Paul Kelly. I hated pissing him off! What a great guy. Three T's for Burt

Burt is the best

Great guy

 Burt is awesome.

He cornered Frazier against Ali... serious.

KenP - He cornered Frazier against Ali... serious.

 Yeah, we talked for quite some time about boxing, it's refreshing to hear someone that's such a big fan of both sports.