bus. concentration

I was planning on going into social work but decided to take the short route and finish up a business degree. I'm going to be transfering to an IU campus after the fall 08 term and I'm not really sure which concentration would be better to do. Accounting is out for sure. I'm interested in real estate. I've been looking at the finance, banking, and general business concentrations. Marketing and advertising are also on the list. Which would be one that you guys would look at? I'm not really wanting to be a manager/supervisor in a factory. I know for real estate you don't need a degree but I was figuring that it would help get a foot in the door somewhere(maybe doing commercial...might want to get into one of the places that does mostly lake properties as well).

I'm also considering getting my MSW or an MBA after finishing the degree. If I go for the MSW, I'd be looking more towards an administrative position. Any thoughts?