Bushdo 13 - Hectors & full results

Straight from mmaweekly - RESULTS:
- Gegard Mousasi defeated Hector Lombard by unanimous decision
- Paulo Filho defeated Kazuo Misaki by Arm Bar at 9:43 of Round One
- Denis Kang defeated Akihiro Gono by unanimous decision
- Murilo Bustamante defeated Yoon Dong Sik by unanimous decision
- Luiz Firmino defeated Nobuhiro Obiya by unanimous decision
- Joe Pearson defeated Yoshiro Maeda by Guillotine Choke at 0:54 of Round One
- Sanae Kikuta defeated Jean Francois Lenogue by unanimous decision
- Ikuhisa Minowa defeated Mike Plotcheck by unanimous decision
- Mitsuhiro Ishida defeated David Bielkheden by unanimous decision
- Shinya Aoki defeated Clay French by Triangle Choke at 3:57 of Round One
- Takanori Gomi defeated Marcus Aurelio by split decision
- Kazuo Misaki defeated Denis Kang by split decision

Lombard looked like he was trying to be a bit more restrained this time around and not blow his load in the first few minutes. Unfortunately though, Mousasi totally controlled Lombard on the ground, and spent more then half the fight glued to Lombard's back attempting rear naked chokes. Lombard could not escape Mousasi long limbs. When the action was stood up, Lombard was doing slightly better in the standing and did manage to stun Mousasi atleast once. Both fighters were puffing pretty hard in the second round as well...

Hector kept trying to go for leg locks and toe holds, consequently giving up mount and back control..

actually it isnt that foolish he go for leg locks, the guy was a black belt in Judo before he ever took 1 Kick boxing class. But still shame to see him lose again.

I don't follow you: why does Hector's training suggest he'd be proficient in leg locks?

It was just for you David. Actually it wasn't the Leg Lock comment that caught my attention, it was anything about Hector: I've got something of a soft spot for the little guy - the soft spot being my skull after he slammed me whilst defending my arm-bar attack from guard LOL!

Hey, that's not to say that Hector couldn't Leg Lock people - hell, if my limited exposure is anything to go by, I'd keep him away from any three-legged dogs out there - but Leg Locks, like Striking, aren't the thing he's trained at an elite level at for years...

Does anyone know where he's training these days?


Did you and hector have a falling out or something?


oh come on, the guy tryed give him a break..




justin, Did he say why he left the guys at the takada dojo? Why you would leave a training camp like that, with access to the chute box team is beyond me.

Justin - was it because of the money you lost when you bet on him last? That was one tip I was glad I didn't act upon!

The $1500 lost on the Gono match is nothing compared to the thousands I borrowed to him to train in japan and commission that he has decided nobody deserves appart from him. whats a contract anyway :(


who pulled out last night for xfc?

Well if you decide to gamble, thats the risk your going to take?

How well did you know Hector? Obviously not well enough!!!

Gamble as in bet on his fight or as in do business with him?