Bushido 3 : May 23rd

Preliminary reports

Vanderlei Silva vs. Yuki Kondo

Cro Cop vs. Ron Waterman

Ricardo Arona vs. Quinton Jackson

Ricardo Almeida vs. Ryo Chonan

Hayato Sakurai vs. TBA

Takanori Gomi vs. TBA

Tamakairiki vs. TBA

Matt Hume vs. TBA

Sounds good so far.

why not have Gomi-Hume

That looks very good, provided that is the line up that actually comes off. I am hoping Chonan is matched against Almeida, instead of the first rumored Arona, as that would be a big size disadvantage for Ryo.

I guess I just like to see guys the same size fighting, you know .. since MMA has "supposedly" advanced past all of the circus tent atmosphere it had in the early incarnation of our sport.

Gomi would put it down on Hume IMO.

Cro Cop has a lot to prove against a wrestler... Waterman is a great wrestler to test him against. This will be a great fight.

It seems that Ralph Gracie can be on this card too.

Peace and''um grande abraço''

looks like a great card so far

yeah,he koed in brutal fashion.I think this fight is just to get him back on a winning streak

same day tape delay for only $19.95!!

You can't beat that with a "monster" left hook!!

TTT for the Big Dog

So they're going to give Cro Cop a chance in the alternates match? That's lame.

If anything, they should have Coleman fight Crocop for the alternate spot. Coleman is more deserving in my opinion, he was the Grand Prix champ in 2000 and had to fight the Pride HW champion first round. If Crocop is deserving of getting another shot, then Coleman is doublely so.

CroCop just kicked Waterman's ass a few months ago. I can't believe that Pride would put that fight on again.

Gomi vs. Ralph Gracie has been rumored

If Rampage doesn't fight Arona...he may fight LA Giant....which would be funny as shit

There was rumors of Hume vs. Brennan....but Brennan has said that fight isn't happening

Why the hate Ilustrimo master?

Any how, I think a rematch between Chris and Gomi would be cool. There fight was very close.

I believe Chris Brennan signed a 3 fight deal.  Is he fighting on this card?

Vanderlei-Kondo and Arona-Jackson are obviously great matches.

Almeida-Chonan should be excellent as well. It'll probably turn out like Almeida's fight with Kazuo Misaki...Competitive, but Almeida will pull out the decision win.

It'll be great to finally see the new and improved Almeida on a Pride card. I've read great things about his fights in Pancrase, but unfortunately haven't been able to see them.


I never said I wasn't fighting Hume I just said I haven't been contacted about fighting on this one yet. I am 99% sure I have a torn ACL though.

I fought with it last time too so does that make me a warrior?

Chris, that really sucks. Hopefully you don't but 99% sure sounds pretty bad.

I would really like to see that fight though.

nuthin but respect to chris brennan. what'd you do to
your knee man? we need to get you healthy and beatin
people up.