Bushido LW Tourney 2005!

With the rise of the lw division in pride, it has been hinted everywhere and prolly said that there will be a tourney. So, who do u think Pride will/should sign on to fight in it? Gomi, Pulver, Buscape are given...but who else?

If this thread has been done before i'm sorry but i'm curious to c the opinions!

I also heard that they may get Franca...if they do that itll be huge and i hope its a 16 man...maybe they'll pull in hansen too...that would be HUGE for Gomi. I wish they would get Genki too but i doubt that.


according to fightsport, Kawajiri may be in it. Would be cool if he was!!

Sherk and Chonan are too heavy. LW for Pride is 160 and i doubt Sherk and Chonen will drop to that wait. Well Chonen MAYBE but thats a long shot.

I just realized Gomi has won 3 out of his last 4 fights by KO, all in the first round. For such a funny little guy who looks like he's been rolling in baby powder, he sure is scary.

Well, the 8 best guys for the job are...

Ribeiro, Vitor (155)

Kawajiri, Tatsuya (155)

Aurelio, Marcus (155)

Silva, Jean (155)

Edwards, Yves Ed'Duvill (155)

Hansen, Joachim (153)

Schultz, Ryan (155)

Ireland, Jason (155)

But you know that isn't going to be the lineup.

Gomi is going to be there, and Pulver is likely too.

Sherk could make 160 easy, the question is whether he would want to, or if he even gets offered.

Chris Brennan must be thrown into that tourney, has the ability to beat anyone on any given day.

Well IF Sherk can and is willing to drop i hope pride throws him the offer. I say Gomi would beat Sherk at 160 only because he will defintiely be more comfy at that weight. Oh wait...he would also win cuz of his nice sub skills hehe

Lytle can make 160.