Bushido PPV On March 21??

I think the event is on 2/15 yet the PPV is 3/21. Is this info correct? I thought DSE was going to shorten the time between the event and the PPV? Also, any news on the DVD for the first Bushido?



They did shorten it, instead of 10 weeks its about 4 weeks.

yea the delay sucks, but pride was not showing two ppv's in the same month in america, markets not big enough.

however I wish pride would have planned out there schedule better and not book back to back shows. There is no pride in march, the show should have just taken place in march.

Its to bad we have to wait bushido looks 10 times better then pride 27.


I wan't to see Bushido more than what I am watching now.

Yea it is a long delay, but if there is memorable fights like I expect (gono vs shogun should be awesome, brennan vs takase, and minowa vs vanderlei, sakurai vs rodrigo) should all be exciting, minowa will loose but he is one of the most exciting fighters.

And if jadson lives up to his billing as being like vanderlei, him vs gomi could be good.