Bushido:pre-show photos

Mirko Cro CopGomi

GonoWanderlei Silva and Jadson Costa

Cool pics...  go Gono...

Cro Cop and the Japanese media

Awesome stuff!! Thanks Bro!!

thanks for sharing.


Silva last training session with Macaco

For thos ewho want to make part of this. Bushido prices:

was that the japanese prime minister punchin cro crop?


SommervilleBadBoy:yes, that's him. It seems that Mirko's popularity in Japan is bigger than we could imagine.

Peace and''um grande abraço''

yeah, that looks like Koizumi

Yeah, that's the prime minister of Japan. There was even an article on it on Yahoo News the morning.

I think it's really cool that Mirko is getting this level of mainstream recognition.


Cro Cop and the Japanese prime minister, Koizumi together...  that is damn cool.  Its so frustrating that a country like Japan can have its MMA stars mingling with a major world leader while in the US the UFC is struggling to get acceptance.  I mean Shaq and Dean Cain in the audience is cool, but for some reason that 1st pic is more impressive to me...

Jadson Costa flying knees:

nic pics bro

Chute-Boxe training

Prime minister, thats cool. At first I thought that DSE has done it again and that old guy was Mirko´s opponent... =)

thanks for the pics