Bushido, Predictions??

Ryuta Sakurai over Yushin Okami. Sakurai's been on a roll in DEEP.

Yasuhito Namekawa over Egidijus Valavicus. Just because Namekawa is tough (submitted Vitale) and I don't know anything about Valavicus.

Sherk over Ueyama by decision (Ueyama COULD catch Sherk in a sub, but I doubt it)

Sperry over Bencic, TKO

Brennan over Takase, Decision

Mach over Gracie, Decision

Cro Cop over Takayama, KO

Gomi over Jadson Costa, TKO (Gomi is WAY to much for Costa this soon in his mma career)

Shogun over Gono by decision

Silva over Minowa by TKO (Minowa is the shit, I just wish he would fight at his own damn weight, he wanted to fight Cro Cop for God's sake!!)

"Yasuhito Namekawa over Egidijus Valavicus. Just because Namekawa is tough (submitted Vitale) and I don't know anything about Valavicus."

Valavicius beat the hell out of Namekawa in RINGS. It was a pretty shocking upset, but Yoshi (who ran the Rising Flame web site) actually called it. Smart guy. Valavicius lost to his other 2 name opponents (Haseman and Fedor), both by submission.

Namekawa has a really sloppy looking game, but he somehow makes it work. But judging from their first fight, I'm really not sure how Namekawa can win. It was extremely one sided, and that was back when Namekawa was on a roll.

I agree with most of your picks, though. Ryuta has been on fire, but Okami is really good as well. It's a tough fight to pick, but I'm also picking Ryuta.

Rodrigo over Mach by decision.

Everything else I agree with.

Sherk by brutal knees to the head

I put $25 on Minowa at 12.5 to 1. I hope he pulls it out

I'm picking Minowa to upset Silva

i thought crocop was fighting yamamoto. i hope he is so he
can knock his head off.

Silva by ko
Gomi by submission
Shogun by tko
CroCop by ko
Rodrigo by decision
Sperry by sub
Sherk by tko
Valavicus by something, for the same reason as bigkiller

Silva Over minowa round 2 stoppage, minowa is very exciting, and improving but he should be fighting 185 if not 170.

Shogun over Gono round 3 stoppage, this is a tough pick but because the rua brothers are favorites of mine I have to go with them, best fight of the night.

Gomi over Jadson by choke, but I wouldnt be surprised if jadson beats him up for awhile.

Brennan over takase by decision, Im expecting a really good even fight.

Sperry over Bencic by Submission.

Sherk over Ueyama, Ueyama is very good, very good submissions but sherk is a bad match up.

Sakurai over rodrigo by late TKO, heart says sakurai brain says rodrigo by decision, but Im picking sakurai.

Okami over Sakurai, even though sakurai is on a roll, okami is very good.

I think this will be a very exciting show, even if you dont recognize some of the names, fights should be very good.

When does Pride Bushido show air on North American PPV?



actually Ryan I think Rodrigo will beat Sakurai by G&P decision my heart is just with Sakurai cause he's one of my heros ^_^