Bushido results?

Anybody know of any Bushido results? any pbp?

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Misaki totally dominated the Chute Boxe fighter Macaco in a slugfest.

Choi Me Bae beats Yama in a good fight.

props to (oyo) king of sherdog:

Kazu avoiding eye contact....

round 1

Kazu circling.....Pat gabbing from a mile away..

Pat launches a big hook aand hits air...tries some low kicks and gets the same

Pat tries to rush and gets one landed on his jaw to stop him in his tracks

he goes in with a combo ending with mid kick that Kazu catches, then dumps him to the ground.

he gets up and is getting more agressive and comfortable with his attacks but Kazu moves well, and counters to throw him off balance so pat runs half the ring to stay up

kazu doing the pressuring.

Pat lands a kick, gets Kazu`s back, slams him weakly, and stays on his back as Kazu stands.....Kazu shrugs him off and is now kicking away at his legs while Pat is on his back on the ground

it gets broken up and back to standing

This pat has fast hands, and though he lands a couple they must be pretty shallow as they do nothing

Kazu still pressuring and he lands a right that makes Pat fall forward and fish dance a little...he@s regrouping and still attacking though, and they have a fucking great exchange of swings

Pat kicks from the corner and Kazu grabs it and drills a right punch in, another good exchange and they back up

Pat goes for the tackle and Kazu pushes him away so hie is on th ground...as he tries to get up Kazu gets his neck and is sinking it in as the bell rings

Final round

Kazu presuring again, and lands a right that fucks pat up...as Pat is falling he turns it into a tackle and Kazu grabs his neck.....he pulls out so Kazu pounds a little and stands, then goes back to his guard and throws some huge shots, but they don`t land cleanly.

Pat tries for an arm from the bottom but gets a knee to the head before kazu stands up, kicks him a bit, and goes back to his guard...tries for a neck crank, then pounds some more shots that find their mark on Pats nose

Kazu gets to half guard, then stands to throw some more shots before getting side...he stands, pat tries and gets a big kick clean in the face......they hit the ground and kazu has his back, thougb pat manages to get out and up....blood dripping from his face just as the bell rings.

Da Swede - unfortunately not:(( Didn't get tickets(cashflow) and it isnt televised either

Thanx for the results so far though!

Takase wins by split decision. A very close fight.

newton very disappointed. A lot of stalling in that fight as both were red carded.

what does the card system mean?

go Coach Choi! wins again!

"Takanori Gomi (Japan) defeats Ralph Gracie (Brazil) via KO Rd 1 0:06"-

6 SECONDS?! Is that right?

sounds like a night of boring decisions to me

6 seconds... damn!!

6 seconds? damn, what a long fight.