Bushmaster screwed up.

I can't believe that Bushmaster gave a 2 million dollar settlement to the families of the 8 DC sniper victims.

Guns don't kill people.

crazy people snipe people and at a maximum the gunstore where the gun was purchased should be accountable for poor records.

I'd wager they figured 2M was cheaper than what a jury would've awarded them.

I'm currently serving jury duty in a civil case, and I can tell you that clear thinking is rare in that deliberation room. I'd be scared of us, too.


poor record keeping at a gunstore is an absolute must if we are going to make the laws currently on the books WORK. When they screw up like this, it leads to more senseless restrictions.

geez... i wonder if Craftsman has ever been sued because someone pulled a Chainsaw Massacre on another person? Buck has been sued because their knive was used in a stabbing?

pure horse crap

I thought the gun store's insurance paid the 2 million and BM paid
around $500k. BM said it was settle or go broke with lawyers fees and
possible huge judgement.

I heard this on the radio and was like WTF? I couldn't believe they caved.