Business Help for BJJ

There are others out there!

You don't have to limit who you/we listened to simply because he is/was a BJJ guy and had a winning BJJ team. All the information put out was/is readily available to anyone. We as BJJ players just WERE willing to give certain people an ear because he "understood that BJJ is different' not a traditional martial art. We did not want to hear from a TKD guy who had 500 students because he was simply not a BJJ Black Belt. (We need to get over this)

There are 200 guys doing a better job helping schools. Some are BJJ black belts some are dads of famous BJJ players. The point is that if someone wants help with there business there are many many other guys who are honest, good hearted, and have way way more success. Don't immediately throw them out because they are are not BJJ BB's. Give them an ear and see if you like what you hear.

Just a few I know personally: (yes Keenan's dad) (BJJ Black Belt)


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put Little Tony's page on that list too.

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success is success, whatever the colour.

For what it's worth our last podcast is all about business ethics in the martial arts industry. A topic that I think you guys might enjoy. We have Tom Callos, Nic Gregoriades (Roger Gracie blackbelt) and Lil Tony. Check it out here: Phone Post

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