Bust-a-Move/Puzzle Bobble = crack

I'm addicted to this shitty game and haven't been able to kick the habit for about six years. The SNES version especially. The tetris that came with the gameboy was the gateway game for me. Its stupid the amount of time I waste on it.

You sir are right... But it is definitely not a shitty game... I used to spend so much money on Bust-A-Move in the arcade..

I have 1 and 2 on emu, and spent a lot of time playing them. My buddy has #4 on Dreamcast and it is terrible. WAY too easy to turn things around when you are about to die...

I played the original in arcade on Neo-Geo and on computer with Neo-Geo emulator. Great game..... and musci

I don't like how the new one on ps2 doesn't have the wierd japanese voices. I think all the shit that was added after the snes and neo-geo versions is wrong.

F'in Bust-A-Move.. while everyone was playing Street Fighter at the
arcade.. I was playing Bust-A-Move.. it is unbeliveably addictive.

Is it out on the PS2?

There's Super Bust-a-move 1 and 2 on the PS2. Not much difference between the two.

ANother addictive game with somewhat similar play is called "Money Puzzle Exchanger" or "Money Idol Exchanger". If you have MAME you should get it.