Bustamante seminar hamiton ?

Murilo Bustamante will be in Chicago some time this summer to do a Seminar at the new Top Team location. There may be a chance to bring him and Pedro Vianna to ontario. How many people would be interested in attending a 2 day seminar. if we could get enough of a turn out the price would be fair. we have a location in mind in Hamilton and there is enough room for about 30-40 people.

thanks Boris



As long as it's GI !!!!!!!

Or at least one day GI.

i think that is the one guy in the world i'd pay to go to a seminar for

too bad it's out of driving range...

Boris you have mail!

i am in!!

I am interested

I di9d a private lesson in Stoney Creek with pedro vianna 3 yrs ago, maybe 4. All no-gi and was awesome stuff.

Good teacher and he only lets you move onto something else when hes sure you understand.

he taughtan awesome 1/2 guard sweep/darce choke counter. I have stolen it from him and renamed it "The Pedro"

Great guy, very friendly, Busta would be awesome, sign me up, Im there NO-Gi for sure

Greg Compton



I second Pedro's excellent skill and ability to teach. I learned some great stuff in a seminar he did in Stoney Creek. He specifically selected material tailored for each participant due to a smaller group. Well worth the investment.
1950 please email me.

atrocity, email me.


I would go to a Bustamante seminar, no question!!!

I'm in!


TTT 4 Busta in the Hammer