busy schedule?

question for anybody in grad school or, more specifically, business
schools. since i know close to nothing about grad school life, i:m
wondering about the time committment classes will take. i:m gonna
have to work to afford it, at least part-time, and ideally i:d like time to
train recreationally also. so for anybody in grad/business school, how:
s your schedule look? more than enough time to work/train? never
enough time in the day for anything? spend all your time readin/
writin/puttin together projects? thanks in advance for any input.

third olsen, lotta good info on those sites. i:m still reading through his blog but i might have to start implementing some of it. although the info:s appreciated, my question was more asking what peoples: experiences were/are in school. jus kinda seeing if i can get a general idea of what to expect.