Busy times, farewell........

Guys had a meeting with a business advisor and well the UG is on the "gotta go" list due to time restrictions and focussing on the important things business (XFC) and more importantly my forthcomming marriage.

Don't know if I am alone here but this daily ritual is VERY time consuming and ultimately things have to give. Would be different if I was a paid (non self employed) worker doing the 9-5 :)

For all XFC news keep an eye on www.xfc.com.au

Just added some very exciting news re June 5 and our future. With booked dates of June 5, Aug 13, then a September show in Toowoomba which will be a HUGE (3000 seater) for a mixed show, followed up by a BIG show in Brisbane on Oct 29 before rounding out the year late November on the coast... My workload is immense.

After the tremedous success of XFC4 and international acclaim in a few magazines (including the cover of Grappling) it is time to take the product to the next level and bring MMA to the masses.

Most of you guys here are just like me, passionate fans of the best sport in the world. So be it a few of us exchange wits at time, however, we all have the same dream and same passion for the greatest sport in the world.

Anyway, been a lot of fun for a lot of years and anyone wanting to stay in the loop visit www.xfc.com.au Also I am contactable by email justin@xfc.com.au or msn pancraseoz@hotmail.com



this place is gonna be so quiet now.



You should talk to you website people about maybe putting together an opt in mailing list.

It would be a good way for you to get info out to people who are interested, but might not think to check the site regularly.

Just a thought...

"I give him 1 week"

or until the next post that casts aspersion on him, or something/someone he is associated with.



Wonder if his business adviser is the guy from KOTC who hasn't been back here since he shot his mouth of last time about Cameron?

Hi Justin,

If you needed a business a business advisor to tell you that the UG wasn't the best use of your time???...then perhaps you'd be interested in some high quality cleaning products for your home?

Have you heard of multi-level marketing? Look, let me come over to your house an I can run you through an excellent way to make extra cash for you and your friends.

You're getting married? No problem! I'm sure most of your guests need household cleaners etc? Your reception would be an ideal time to discuss their exciting opportunities also!


P.S. All the best with married life and XFC - you certainly kept this place interesting and raised the profile of the sport in general.

ahh fuck off ;)

Justin i give you 2 weeks and you will back

Justin cop's far too much crap from this place.

*IMAGINING* - Justin sitting on the computer with a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other -

Devil says "C'mon... just a quick peak, you know they are talking about Bonello" -

Angel says - "DO IT! DO IT!!!!"

Back in a month.


Farewell fancy pants.

" whose comin with me?.. Jerry McGuire style...
He dosent mean it, he'll come crawlin back just like last time. :-)

at least you had enough time to go and see a bidness advisor

"Justin cop's far too much crap from this place. "

If his aim was to create a 'profile' etc then he succeeded. As for the "too much crap", well if you stand up and preach, you should be prepared for some people to have alternate views with just as much right to share them.

"well if you stand up and preach, you should be prepared for some people to have alternate views with just as much right to share them. "

Oh, i have no problem with ppl disagreeing with him, but i really do think he has done a lot to raise the profile of the sport in this country. He's looked after forum member's here when it comes to tickets for his shows, and every fighter that i have seen express an opinion about justin who has fought for the XFC has said that he's really looked after them. I just think that all that should count for _something_.

*edited for spelling*

Cladding. House cladding. Hey Justin, wanna buy some house cladding. Real cheap but looks the bomb, ey!