Busy with Lytle-Lawler

Hi everybody. I'm ready to post again, I was busy training Chris Lytle for his bout with Robbie Lawler at the last UFC. Anyone with any specific training questions for me, please put my name in the thread title so I know to check it. It's good to be back.

Pretty much the same as right handed fighters. It depends on whether there opponent is right handed, or left handed, as to how I hold the pads for them.


This may be off subject...if so just ignore or delete.

Did Chris perform in the fight as you guys had planned? I was sure that he would have beenmore aggressive considering he is more skilled with "hands".

Did he have too much respect for Robbie's power, so he wasn't as aggressive as he should have been?

When Chris put together combos, he looked/did his best.
I thought the fight was close enough to merit a rematch.

Will Chris continue Boxing?

Lastly, who else are you working with in Boxing or MMA?
Any upcoming starts?


I thought Lytle looked pretty good, boxing wise. He landed several clean shots to Lawler; Lawler just had the chin to take them

Hi Ausgepicht. We expected Lawler to be more aggressive than he was, so our entire gameplan pretty much went out the window when he started backing up like he did. If I'd told Chris that Lawler was going to move like he did, he probably would have fired me. lol

Chris wanted to be careful that he didn't rush in to quickly, because we kept thinking Lawler was trying to set up for a counter left hand if Chris closed the gap to fast. We planned on using more angles in the fight, but the movement from Lawler made it pretty much impossible. The size of the octagon makes cutting off the ring alot more difficult than in boxing.

Chris is going to continue boxing. It's hard to get him as many fights as we'd like, because of his MMA schedule, but he's 8-1-1 with 6 ko's now. We're working on a rematch with the guy he lost to on ESPN.

I'm currently working with Chris, and a few other MMA fighters. One of them, Devian Peterson is fighting later this week in Florida. I'm really getting into MMA, and I'm still in a process of learning what works for the sport. MMA striking is a totally different off-shoot, from even Muay Thai, or boxing. There are things that work in both, that don't work well in MMA.

Thanks bro! Keep us updated!

I felt Lytle should've won that one