but but but he held the fence...


-butt hurt mendez fans

youre right butt hurt fan, he totally would not have won had he not done that

Haha, that is BS tho Phone Post

Mendes has fans?

Lol where are all the haters claiming Mendes was gonna wreck him now!!! Junior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FTW

That's like putting a mask on before someone punches you Phone Post

If you have to point it out, then it's worth considering.

Not his brightest day.

it didn't change the outcome, Mendes was getting put to sleep or stopped from leg kicks anyway. However he should have been penalized a point for the fence grab.

Are there any Mendes fans? Phone Post

Even though the second time he had the same takedown and he popped up. I though Chad would win after cardio took over. Aldo didn't let it happen. Phone Post

He did grab the fence, but that was gonna happen anyway. Phone Post

mendes kicked aldo in the nuts......

they are even as far as "cheating" goes

DanHendersonsAsymetricSmile - 
PembrokePinesVillain - youre right butt hurt fan, he totally would not have won had he not done that

When did i said that?

Reply me faggot

youre messing with me right? hahahaha wow

"reply me faggot" best quote of 2012 so far. thank you

DanHendersonsAsymetricSmile - >IT DOESN'T MATTER IF HE CHEATS

elated aldo fans

actually it didn't matter because when he let go of the fence Mendez still had the same grip on him and got the takedown. yes it was cheating but it's a non-issue.