But it's illegal to own guns in NY

Theres also not a problem within a certain subset of people.

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Culture, not color. You see the same shit in many 2nd and 3rd world countries. The majority of them aren’t black.


So the guy dressed in red is running away from the guy dressed in black and her runs into the mother and kid, knocking them down?

Guy in black shoots red-man once and then dances around like Zoro trying to finish off…but missed his follow-up shots?

looks like dude emptied his magazine and slide locks back so he beats his feet before cops arrive?

Yes, the “certain subset” is called people living in poverty.

It would be nice if the government did more to address the issue at-hand.

Even in a state like NY with a democrat supermajority, there is little done to address issues such as rising COL, unemployment, gentrification, and lack of opportunity.

NYC especially has not been kind to the marginalized. Look at how they are currently treating the homeless.

Sure, it has nothing to do with their lack of nuclear family, complete disregard for education, or the lack of morals and ethics that most civilized people possess. Keep making excuses for them, they’ve been doing great with people like you making excuses for them for the last 50 years.


It’s a combination of both. Crabs in a bucket mentality willing to feed off a system that happily farms them for votes, prison fodder and vice customers.

Yes thats why rich black areas have about the same crime as poor white ones.

Troll ass bitch

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I bet it was the Proud Boys at it again with their white supremacy.

Goddamn, you really just don’t try anymore.

The claim is if other states had control, this wouldn’t happen in NY because the guns are coming from out of state

Meanwhile, the neighboring states have tight gun laws as well…

Right… the same amount of shootings are happening in the poor white neighborhoods of rural Appalachia!

It’s not just poverty you dumb ass!

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Cultural values and family structure. While it has its own flaws, God/Family/Country has its advantages over Respek/Gangsta/Shine. You can be poor as fuck but still have community.

None of those things have anything to do with genetic make up.