Butcher Knife Raffle SATURDAY @ 6PM Eastern

The old guy sold the company to a bunch of knife makers. They ship super fast now. Walter Sorrels just did a video about them.

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I suppose I’ll have to take a look!

Last time I checked it was the same old geocities site lol

Their belt prices suck, but that vintage micarta is priced well and looks fantastic.

And I told myself I wasn’t gonna spending a lot of money this month lol. Nooo, just one month, cut it back a bit. Use what you already have in stock! Don’t go buying shit you don’t need!!

Fuck My Life Reaction GIF

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Final warning!

We go live in 15!

I say that all the time and boxes just magically show up at my house. I bought a stick of the Apex Ultra they just released. I am hearing some very cool things about the kitchen knives they are making out of it.

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I want a knife from that stuff.

You talking the Apex Ultra? What kind of a knife are you wanting?

Yeah, saw that after MangnaCut dropped and it seemed more suitable for kitchen knives. I’d probably do a 12” Chefs knife.

Is this knife dishwasher safe?

I wouldn’t let anyone’s wife handle this, so no.