Butt Pudding:worth the click just for the gif(sfw)

A Japanese manufacturer is selling a kit from which you can make a gelatin/pudding dessert that looks like a shaking butt. For real.

The dessert is a tribute to the character of Shin Nohara on the Japanese manga series Crayon Shin-chan. The five-year-old Shin apparently shows his butt occasionally. I could not find any source to explain why a five-year-old would wear a red thong, so the tie-in with the character may be window dressing to make the product look respectable.


The desert that twerks!


Doesnt look that good imo, but cool idea. Phone Post

The dude from American Pie would have obliterated that thing. Phone Post

007 takes it that way...

I'd skip the thong and place a raisin right between the cheeks.

I was expecting:

$240 worth of pudding. Aw yeah.

devils advocate - You are eating five year old's ass? Phone Post

When you put it that way, it's fucking nasty. Phone Post

Why did I know this was in Japan before I clicked on it?

That country is crazy.

AlcoholicA - I was expecting:

$240 worth of pudding. Aw yeah.

That's hot. Awww yeah Phone Post