Butterbean by Armbar...wtf

He beat ZuluJr with a keylock...WOW

Why wasn't this fight (or Nakao) one shown but instead we had to listen to Trigg reminisce about Pride.

The fight wasn't a technical masterpiece by any means. It wasn't a big, slobberknocker of a brawl either. But in it's own freakshow kind of way, I found it very entertaining.

Basically, they both start trading punches. Butterbean catches Zuluzinho with a big right that stuns him. Zuluzinho tries to take it to the ground, but as he twists backward to pull BBean down overcommits his weight and is rolled by Butterbean as they hit the mat. Butterbean lands a few punches from sidemount. Zuluzinho tries to bridge a couple times but can't get Butterbean off of him. Butterbean gets a keylock.

I hope the Ferrita's throw in the occasional freakshow match like this... not too many, but once in a while is kind of nice (in it's own strange way).

Yeah - It wasn't on US version. They had Trigg talking but u could hear the fight in the background...weird!!

Cool you Tube has it:

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Butterbean would be a force at 205

mtan2 I agree 100% with what you said - there was definitely some skill being displayed there by two ENORMOUS individuals!

There's something likeable about BB.

butterbean is a fan favourite


bb looks like a huge penis

btw, i don't mean that as a insult-he looks like a penis

the goatee look works for him in the "monster class" imo.

that is a lot of weight


So does any one know wht this wasn't shown?

most likely Dana White had something to do with it

"So does any one know wht this wasn't shown?"

it would kill his "street cred" with trailer trash if they saw him win by submission

Heelhook IMHO.

Every time Butterbean wins a fight, the credibility of our sport suffers.

you mean every time Tim Sylvia won


"Butterbean's right leg would be a force at 205"