Butterbean documentary

Every documentary this guy does is a work of art. This showed some great fight footage.

This guy was always such a fun character in the fight world, seems like such a nice guy long live the Butterbean!


All the “Bored Films” documentaries are done well.


This. He does phenomenal work the Foreman and Hagler ones are also favorites of mine.

In for Pride Lady to announce him as:



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He used to have a pretty cool bar in Jasper, Alabama. He would park his Prowler in the front to let everyone that he was there. His son was meaty just like Butterbean also.


Just down to his BBQ joint these days I suppose… Butterbeans boy tried his hand in MMA and Boxing and didn’t farewell. Actually in boxing he was one and done with a vicious KO loss…BabyBean tried though.

Mike Tyson’s Punchout came out in 1987 and Butterbean’s boxing debut was in 1994.

How is this remotely possible?

You would learn if you watched the documentary. Butterbean is 18 times ToughMan Champ, he was forced to leave because he kept winning. Tyson had his PunchOut but ButterBean had Toughman .

The tough man that came out in 1995? 8 years after Punch-Out?

Pretty cool I guess. I have no idea what Google is missing and you yourself said it was for Sega Genesis which came out well after Nintendo.

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4 later

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Plus Mike Tyson’s Punchout was on the NES while Butterbean’s Boxing was on the Sega Genesis. The generation after the NES.

In for later

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I just watched the doc and could have sworn it said he had his game first. I’m going to watch it again sooner than later because this was great documentary but can we all fuck off with the game and just enjoy the documentary lol


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A buddy’s training partner back in the day was suppose to fight AHHH BuHHHTAH AAAHHH BEEEEAAANNNNNLALALALALA! …Esch back in the day. He backed out and rightfully so!

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The only MMA title ButterBean won was the next province up from me I was planning on going but it didn’t pan out.

This was a great shoot with him, Butterbeans comments on the Bart Gunn brawl for all knock out is worth it alone, fuckin hilarious he’s such a nice guy.

that was kewl

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