Butterbean enjoying K-1 and.......

I was at a Pro boxing event last night in Biloxi,Miss. with one of my pro-boxers named Mike Ricca who was on the card and was able to talk with Butterbean last night at length on his thoughts about K-1 and NHB fighting; well he definitely is loving what K-1 has done for him and he had nothing but praise for K-1 & NHB fighters. He even plans on visiting us in New Orleans to get some help on his leg kicks. We have met each other before on several ocassions, but this time he was eager to talk to me about these other fighting sports that I love. Hat's off to Butterbean and I hope other well known boxers such as he can shed more light on MMA and K-1 and help bring them mainstream soon! Your thoughts??

I saw him too last night......On Jackass: The Movie KOing Johnny Knoxville

Butterbean isn't an NHB fighter, let's face it. The fact that's he's doing it and getting better is awsome. Let him get decent with low kicks amd teach him some smother submissions a'la kimo and let him loose. Should be intersting to see what extent a man with a physique like butternbean will be able to progress. I support butterbean and wish him success.

Butterbean vs Kimo anyone??? K-1 make it happen

Yo Butterbean threw like 5 leg kicks in his fight against Hiromi Amada. I watched the fight and as soon as Butterbean landed a leg kick on the K1 Veteran, I said "Now I have seen it all"

"Butterbean isn't an NHB fighter, let's face it."

Seeing as he is getting paid what like 5-10x what the average UFC fighter makes to fight NHB matches I would say the guy is a NHB fighter.

You may not be a message board poster, though.

Butterbean isn't a serious threat as a champion in any sport, but he is a good, honest, hardworking person and he made the most out of what he had.

For that, I have nothing but respect for him.


ttt for the beanster...

"Butterbean vs Kimo anyone??? K-1 make it happen"

LOL!!!!!!!!!! That would be great, Bean would kill him so badly. Great enjoyment for me. :)

Has butterbean ever been KO'd? I imagine he's gone down from exhaustion, etc., but has he ever been knocked unconscious? He seems like he has a good chin...

He mostly fights stand up

Butterbean vs Cabbage would be an interesting fight


Butterbean got KO'd by Bernardo from a kick, and Mike's kicking is way below K-1's average.

And so?????????