Butterbean Fighting in MMA

For those of you who don't read the UG, Butterbean is fighting an MMA match at the next K-1 show against Genki Sudo, a Japanese fighter who competes in MMA and kickboxing at the 155lb weight class. I have money on Sudo to win, btw.

Sudo is 155 lbs?

yes. He's top 10 in the world in kickboxing at that weight, and he's in line for a title shot in the UFC at that weight too. His last fight in MMA was against Ludwig about 2 UFCs ago. He fought kickboxing on K-1's last card for middlewieghts. It wouldn't surprise me at all to see him KO Butterbean

have you ever seen Sudo fight? Koing someone on the ground is different than doing it on the feet, btw

I'm not going to start listing guys that have been KO'd on the ground, but there have been plenty. Getting choked out counts as a KO too, btw

not to mention that you can probably kick a downed opponent in this match

Damn. I'm gonna have to buy the K1 event just to see that match.

I said that it wouldn't surprise me to see Sudo KO Butterbean. I didn't have any expectation about whether or not it would be standing.

Lots of reasonable people treat chokes as KOs. THey are announced as KOs at lots of top shows that I've been to

Genki Sudo by spinning backfist

or axe kick

Butterbean by Hippo Hurricane Howler.


I do know understand how they are fighting, I think the weight difference is about 80 -100 pounds...

k-1 doesn't have weight classes

The weight difference will probably be more than 100 pounds. I am curious to see if the Bean has been working at all on defending the takedown, even though it probably wont make much of a difference. Im still rooting for the Bean, one good jab might put Genki on Queer Street!

How exactly is Genki going to train for a guy like
Butterbean? Where exactly do you find 300+lbs
sparring partners who hit like small trains?

All over the place. A big guy with half the physical strength of Butterbean but has proper punching technique will hit just as hard or harder. I sparred/fought guys from 140-240, the little guys who knew what they were doing hit a lot harder than the fat guys/muscleheads.

Yeah, but if it's mma then his mass is going to
come into play while grappling. There just can't be
that many guys the size of Butterbean who have the
skills to make decent sparring partners.

I have also spared smaller guys over the years that hit hard but i think it has more to do with shock of the punch and it comes quicker, a big guy can bring pure smashing power to the table.

what can boxing do to lure Butterbean back?
we are losing all of our great ones to MMA.

"There just can't be that many guys the size of Butterbean who have the skills to make decent sparring partners"

lol, like BB has skills?