Butterbean Match--Superheavys?

I was under the impression that NSAC capped HW matches at 265 pounds. 

Butterbean came to the fight at 398 pounds, and outweighed Ohaire by 140 pounds, who weighed in at 275 I believe. 

Is the 265 cap a UFC requirement, a NSAC requirement, did NSAC grant an exception? 

Anyone know?

205-265 - heavyweight

265+ - super heavyweight. UFC had a single match in that devision which was mark robinson vs. bobby hoffman which was later turned from a ko for hoffman to a no contest because of hoffmans positive marijuana test postfight.


also I think it is very rare if not the only case where a positive marijuana test has turned a win to a no contest.

Thanks Rufus--did not know that.

Actually... I think it's even 225 in Ohio?

Did Bo Kimble try to put on like 20 pounds in a day and a half to fight Butterbean in KOTC?


Bo Kimble the basketball player?

Crap... not Bo Kimble...

Bo Cantrell.

Kimble's the one that did free throws one handle after Hank Gathers died, right?


LOL--yes, that was Bo Kimball.  How I remembered the name--Loyola Marymount IIRC.