Butterbean vs Tank @ Staples?

Butterbean vs Tank was announced yesterday on MMA Weekly Radio for a K2 (Klitchko brothers) promoted MMA card at Staples in June.

Any other rumors about this card? Sounds interesting to say the least.

Fight footage:


too be honest, I would have a little curiosity in that fight. Wouldn't make the terk to LA to watch it live or anythnig, but I would have a little interest.

Truly the pinnacle of MMA athleticism.

tank is smart enough to take him down

Has Tank EVER taken anyone down?

Tank Ko's him. Butterbean will gas first. Butterbean is not even as good as Cabbage.

I think Tank took Maurice Smith down if I'm not mistaken.

My Boy should be fighting on that card!!!

Bean KO'd Cabbage, and I'm told broke his arm as well.

First post says its a MMA card, so I'm assuming MMA.

Cabbage went into the fight with a broken elbow and still almost beat Butterbean.

It is an MMA card for sure

if it has that 15 seconds on the ground "Butterbean rule", then the Bean knocks Tank the fuck out. Otherwise, Tank should be able to ground and pound him.

It actually seems Butterbean has decent cardio for his size. Don't blink!!!

From MMAweekly.com:

"As first reported yesterday on MMAWeekly Radio, Butterbean will be squaring off against Tank Abbott on June 23rd for the new K2 promotion in California. K2 is run by the promotion group of the famous Klitchko brothers of boxing fame. Butterbean is looking forward to that slugfest with Tank in a fight that will have special modified rules. Meaning the fight can only be on the ground for 15 seconds."

Yes, the 15 second rule is in effect. I wonder how much damage TANK can do in that time, or will he even want it to go to the ground.

Who Will have better cardio, BUTTERBEAN or TANK?

And what about the name K2...Im sure it stands for the TWO KLITSCHKOS, but bet the K1 people are fuming over them capitalising on the K1 name and are surely contemplating challenging that if an opportunity is there.

god modified rules are so fuckin stupid.