Butterbean wins classic war of attrition! (pics)

 Butterbean Eric Esch MMA photos LFC Deon West

[Excerpt from recap of LFC 43 main event, Eric "Butterbean" Esch vs. Deon West, 12/10/10]

Deon West 
is introduced as an MMA fighter specializing in "Twinkie boxing" and "Little Debbie wrestling". No kidding. The announcer is barely able to keep a straight face. West has a pro record of 2-2.

These guys have a combined weight of just over 800 lbs. I'm standing on a little shooting perch attached to the side of the cage and all I can think about is how big of a jolt I'm going to get if these guys go hard into the fence. I really don't want to fall off my little platform. Maybe Butterbean will land one of those big haymakers I watched him land so many times back in his boxing days so I can avoid the embarrassment of being launched from my platform.

The horn sounds and it takes less than 30 seconds for West to push Butterbean hard into the fence across the cage from me. I was right, the whole thing shook like an 8.3 earthquake just rocked the joint. It was a good thing I was anticipating it. West picks up the big 'Bean and slams him hard. That was an impressive lift! Bean lands on his back in half guard and covers up. Bean spends the remainder of the round on his back getting pounded on by West, who gets side control and even takes the Bean's back at one point. It looks like it might get stopped, but Bean does enough defending and throwing the occasional strike or knee to keep the ref at bay. That was a very one-sided beating. 10-9 or even 10-8 West.

Butterbean Eric Esch MMA photos LFC Deon West



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lmao at lookoutawhale

 You can't stop the bean when he fights on the slip n slide


Butterbean cracked him good.

butterbean, sweep the leg

ganther - Which one was is Butterbean?
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