butterfly guard: getting up fast

A new favorite of mine is when someone is kneeling in my butterfly guard, I apply a lot of forward pressure pushing into him. If he backs up, I get up and take him down, and if he pushes back into me, I go for the elevator sweep.

Crucial to this is being able to get up fast and without using your hands. Here's how.

When you want to get up fast, you can't do it from the standard butterfly guard position with both feet hooked. You post your left foot on the ground with your shin pointing straight up. You put your right shin flat along the ground, with your right foot as close as possible to your groin. Make sure you put your right foot close to your groin, that makes a big difference. This is not a giveaway that you want to get up because people often go to this position right before they try the elevator sweep to the right.

You then lift your hips up and forward with all your weight on your right knee and shin and sort of roll over your shin. Your shin starts with the outside part(the part where your shin gets hit when someone kicks you) touching the ground, and ends with the front part(the part you use to kick people) touching the ground. You shift your weight forward onto your front foot, and you can stand up or simply tackle him from your knees. You should be able to get up from butterfly guard very quickly and without using your hands. If you have double underhooks, it's very potent, and even without it still works or sets up the elevator sweep.

Yeah thats a nice drill. One of my favorite positions, especially against larger opponents.

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What other attacks do you guys use from here?

How do you efficiently take the back from here (grips etc)?

I love this position. I usually call it a three point guard where you have one leg flat on the ground. I'm going to have to try this no-hand standup. It's good even with using your hand. If I want to try to take the back from it, I'll get an overhook on my left side and then post my right hand to get up. If they follow you forward, you can drag them into a front headlock and spin around behind them. Also for the one andrew is talking about where you just tackle them from your knees, you can do it without them trying to standup, by having an underhook(overhook can work too), and then when you shift up to tackle them reach for their left knee with your right hand, so that you block it, and pull it in as you drive them forward.

This position also makes taking the back techniques easier. From butterfly guard with say a right arm underhook(or again doable with an overhook), switch to three point guard, and with your left arm, lift their right arm up and duck your head under it. At the same time switch your left leg to outside of their legs so that you're now in half guard and in a position to climb up their back to backmount. Just reach over their back with your leg and hook your heel into their hip pocket and start working your way over.

Also another good one for underhook three-point guard is that it is a good entry into half-butterfly guard work. Same setup as before, switch to three-point, then sink your left leg in deep to a half guard position while your left arm underhooks their right leg. Your right leg's butterfly like position will keep them from getting past your legs, and you can sweep them over, go out the back door, etc. also you can opt to to keep a deep grip around their waist with your right arm instead of underhooking the far leg with your left arm.(edited because I made a mistake this half-butterfly guard stuff. who knew you couldn't underhook the far leg, and take a deep grip around their waist with you near arm at the same time, hehe.)

I also like the position for submission attempts or bait them with the threat of the sweep and then back down into a submission attempt. It allows a little more mobility than a traditionaly butterfly guard.

A more technical takedown rather than just tackling him: Pretty similar to what FreestyleJJ described.

Take your left arm and underhook him. You usually would have done that already if you were going to elevator sweep him right. With your left hand grab his left ankle. When you get up, block his left knee with your right hand and drive into him and knock him over his left leg. You have a pretty good chance of ending past his guard on either side depending on how he moved to defend.

If you have double underhooks, often he will sit back to try to pummel his arms back in. Perfect time to take him down. Body lock him around his lower back and pull it in as you get up and slide your knees over his thighs straight to mount. Even if you end up in his guard, that's still a reversal, I assume it counts as a sweep pointswise.

The duck under is great too because it goes well with the elevator sweep. Use your underhooking arm to lift his arm up and duck your head under, and immediately look up and drive your head into him so he can't guillotine you, and he can't get his arm back around to the other side of your head because you've trapped it. Sometimes you can go for the arm triangle there. If you feel for whatever reason you can't finish getting to his back, you can easily sweep him to the side your head is on, because his arm on that side is trapped.

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thanks guys! I'll experiment with this stuff today...

If anyone has Grapplers Toolbox, Sonnon does a move called shin blocks? (I think) that would help with standing from butterfly guard.

While we're on the topic of standing up out of butterfly guard, here's one that works for me...

Start with a sitting butterfly guard and double underhooks, locked in a bearhug around his chest.

Hop your hips forward and rock straight back, lifting him into the air above you with your instep hooks.

Now instead of keeping him up there or trying to throw him over drop him back down, kicking your feet out a little bit so he's kneeling a bit further away from you than he was initially

Still using the momentum generated by dropping him come up onto your own knees (or even feet) and now you can either
1 - come up onto your feet still holding the bearhug
2 - sag him backwards while he is on his knees and take the top position.

Stephan Kesting

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Michael Jen's butterfly guard set covers some of this stuff pretty well. I believe the move Stephan describes is seen on Jen's tape and on Leo Vieira's Extreme Sweeps and Reversals. Good stuff, keep it coming.

Sperry submission grappling guard tape (the best tape of the series) deals with the takedown or sweep sequence Andrew is speaking of rather well. It is a high percentage combo. You really have to punch the hips when you come forward to make it a high percentage takedown.

I have recently added this to my game but with a slight variation. I watched the sperry kerr match and the margarida tape you will notice that both use the same type of guard. it is a half butterfly / half half-guard. This has been working for me really well specially against bigger opponents. I'm a short guy and not too heavy, but being able to hold them off is a good thing for me.:)