Butterfly guard with the GI

For the last year or so, I've focused a lot on GI grappling and my open guard has improved a lot. But one thing has been confusing me for a long time so I decided to ask the question here to see if anyone could help:

When you're playing the butterfly guard (bottom) and I haven't got a grip on my opponent yet, I always try to stop him from grabbing my pants.

However, if my opponent grabs my pants with one or both arms AFTER I get a single or double underhooks on him, I'm not sure if I should continue to try to sweep him or if I should break one or both of his grips first.

one grip is ok ,never both, it give him to much control.

Even when I've got double underhooks/bodylock?

Actually it's hard to stop him from grabbing my pants by going over my underhooks. So just by having the underhooks, I'd have to release at least one underhook in order to break his grip(s).

"Even when I've got double underhooks/bodylock? "

i should have read the whole ? i will have to get in the position with ryon and ask him what he would do.javi told me never let someone control both legs .

get back with you

I believe if you have double underhooks you won the grip fight. Sweep them over your head or just knock them backwards depending on what pressure they provide.


If you have good double underhooks from Butterfly guard you should be able to get underneath your opponent and at the very least off-balance him enough to initiate a sweep.

I'm assuming you have a sweep you're attempting, are you having difficulty with the sweep even with underhooks?

I'm no butterfly expert, but how is he gripping your pants if you have double underhooks. I thought you should be tight in with your forehead to his chest.