butterfly halfguard games?

who are the competitors that are known for their half guard/butterfly guard game? gi, no gi or both

Half : definitly Eddie Bravo

Butterfly: Royler i think, and Marcelo Garcia.

Tons of guys...

A couple of names that normally dont get mention are Cassio Werneck and Paulo Guilobel. Both are pretty active instructors who have used their sweeping guards in both BJJ and sub grappling.

JJ Machado must be unreal from these positions as well.

Shaolin had a crazy half guard when he used to compete with the gi...and of course Gordo

what are the high percentage moves these guys uses in competition? do simple elevator sweeps sideways, overhead seen in high level competition?

JJ Machado
Marcelo Garcia
Saulo Ribeiro
Eddie Bravo
Cassio Wernek

As you can see, many of the top guys have good/great half-guard games (and I mean all variations of half-guard). My head instructor, Fabio Holanda, has a wicked half-guard game (he's a BTT black belt). One of the best guys at our club has an entire skill-set and sequence composed of butterfly, x-guard and half-guard stuff. it works great for little guys and is a very active, aggressive game (i'm trying to learn it with varying degrees of success).