butterfly knives

does anyone know if jaguar butterfly knives are any good? also, does anyone know of any good sites to learn some techniques on how to manipulate the knife?

There's a guy, with a healthy appetite, doing show-off manipulations at http://www.balisongxtreme.com/freestyle.htm

there's a whole forum devoted to the balisong at www.bladeforums.com


as for jaguars, the consensus is that they're ok to learn on, but you're better off springing for something decent like a benchmade in the long run.

skip the jaguar's, as it is made cheaply in china or taiwan, and the steel is quite subpar.

If you're looking at quality balisongs, you can't beat benchmade.

Take a look at cold steel's line also, as they have a good line as well.

Has anyone seen Spyderco's new balisong? It is in their new
catalogue but I am not sure if it is available yet.


AFter reading your post, I went looking at their site, but didn't find it. Only today did I see something on the Ballisong Collector site.

I've got some major wood for this thing. I think it looks even nicer than the Benchmade. I wonder if it handles as well.