buying a car

alright so im buying a car and here are my angles:
ive got 13k to spend (cash)

so my plan is to go in, act like a retarted college student, knowing nothing (which i am, and wich i do not) and say something like this:

"okay i want to finance a car, ive got 3000 in student loans to put down and i want a car that i can bargain down to 10,000 and have the cheapest payments possible on."

the point here is to get them to a low base price on a car that is about 3000 more expensive on the sticker price, making them drool over the money they will earn off of me in interest, but unbenownst to them, i shall pay the total loan off in 3 to 6 months rather than over the drawn out, interest earning term.

does this make sense? is this a good plan? or will i have more bargaining power by just saying that i have the cash give me an awesome deal?

wich way would get more off of that sticker?

can i get some og help?

by the way, the money isnt actually fincial aid money, it came from other sources, this is just what i intend to tell the dealer in order to come off like more of a dumbass.

Just offering my thoughts...

But I believe you should haggle the price prior to telling them anything about your financing. And quite frankly I'm sure the dealer could give a shit where the money comes from so I wouldn't waste time explaining to them that its student loan money or whatever the source is.

Haggle down the price...leave the dealership...wait for a phone call...then go back. I never bought a car the same day I was looking for one.

buy used.


I agree w/ the advice here. you don't want to appear dumb you should be in control by being the one asking most of the questions, your the customer and making a big purchase.

And don't say 'give me an awsome deal', thats too vague, get specific, find a price in your head you like before you go & offer it.

be firm for his first couple counter offers because that will keep his price going down, eventually you should get the price or something very close to the price you want & if not go across the street & do the same thing or say thanks & wait for a phone call.

Ummm... with 13k buy private party. Get a good mobile pre-buy mechanic to check it out. Spend 10k on the car.

Buy your insurance upfront for a year. Depends on you but mine is about 1k.

Buy a decent extended warranty that covers the drivetrain so if something big breaks you are not too bad in the hole. They can be had for $500-1k. (My $500 paid for a $1800 tranny rebuild so far.)

Now take the last 1k and stick it in a high yield savings for incidental or emergency repairs, car rental, whatever. Now take $100 a month or so (no car bills=extra cash) and throw it into the account as well. At the end of the year you'll have your next year's insurance paid for + extra.

Making up stories trying to trick a dealer is retarded. The dealer doesn't care about where your money comes from, I'd say not talking anything but numbers is the smartest. They have a number they won't go below and will try to squeeze out as much above that number as possible because that is how they make money.