Buying a domain name to make a website

Two questions:

So if you purchase a domain name to make a website - they will post all your information, correct ?  Name, telephone number, etc?


And also, when you purchase a domain name, do they have a program you can use to make a website or do you have to purchase that yourself ?

You can pay more to keep your name private from WHOIS

Some places have templates you can use, like godaddy. Generally you just buy the name then you configure what you want to have happen with the site. You either set a name server (NS) or 10 which is basically an IP address for a server works in a network of other servers that answer the question "hey what IP address is located?"  That name server is where your web site files are (HTML, ASPX, JSP, PHP, etc). You can make the web pages yourself with HTML editors for simple stuff, or like I said you can buy a template from whoever you buy the site from or other places.

Does that help?

That does help, I appreciate the reply, theseanster

No prob man, I can help you get something simple out together if you want. Phone Post 3.0

thanks esque

theseanster - No prob man, I can help you get something simple out together if you want. Phone Post 3.0

I would like help if you can. 

I used to build websites on geocities back in like 2003 with HTML codes, lol.  That was forever ago.  Not sure how to go about doing it these days though.

Wordpress fo sho.

Depends what you want. Wordpress is definitely very popular and probably has everything you need. I usually just buy a bootstrap template and go from there

Forgive my dumb question, but could i just download wordpress and work on the website before i purchase the website domain name ? 

That's not a dumb question at all. Yes you can Phone Post 3.0

You can run WP in IIS Express no problem. Pretty sure I saw it in the list of plugins for web platform installer. I don't do PHP so I roll my own or would probably use Orchard CMS but you should be able to mess with a PHP on windows using WPI Phone Post 3.0