Buying a house SUCKS

Homes are going for $100,000 + over asking prices in a ton of areas in Canada (insanity)…

Perhaps inappropriate, sorry for that, but about your dads rod blanks.

I also build rods. My favorite has long been discontinued. If you have any Sage rpl or rpl+ blanks, in any weight from 3-6, in the 9’ range, I will buy them if you care to sell them. Depending on exactly what he liked to build, I may buy it all from you if you are interested. Let me know.

Sincerely…RIP to your father.


The banks were loaning money to everyone in 2007 thinking the market was going to keep going up forever and lost their ass. Nobody has a crystal ball

I’ll look through the stuff and see. He was more of a bass/catfish kind of guy so I doubt there is much fly rod stuff. Here are some pics. There is some more thread, a few more blanks and another cabinet of rod tips, ferrules, eyes, etc. not pictured.

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Just got back into looking for houses again. This fucking process is mind-bendingly retarded.

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I am going to have to find a house before October 22


might just build


you still haven’t been able to snag one??? damn man.

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And everyone except Lehman Brothers were bailed out for their irrational exuberance. But it can’t be irrational if you face no risks. I would put every penny of my retirement funds and savings into speculative stocks if I knew Uncle Sam would reimburse me if my bets don’t pan out.

Basically gave up at the end of July and took some time off. It has cooled down a little bit but it’s still a monumental pain in the ass.


Good luck. I use the Realtor App on my phone to surf for houses in different locations. Seems to be fairly up to date and accurate.

Kind of. Realtor and Zillow and the others aren’t real time and only update once a day or more.

Our realtor gave us access to her agent app that updated every fifteen minutes. Handy, as houses we had on our list to see would change to Contingent or Sold while we were driving around.

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Last update,

The house we had offer accepted on that royally failed inspection was put back on market after we got our earnest money back(after a month long fight btw).

It was relisted 10k more than when we offered on it and it has been sitting every since. A couple times it was pending sale then a couple weeks later would be back on market.

I swear, I think we might have encountered the dumbest couple and realtor in the US. Not just dumb, but unethical with lies about the roof, etc.

This young couple selling it has already bought house in Atlanta, are not very financially set and have been paying 2 house notes for 3 months now.

Honestly, good. Fuck em. Insert Matt serra gif

All this could have been avoided had they agreed to pay for the new roof. I’m pretty sure they are regretting decision now.

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Went to look at one last night that checked all our boxes. Submitting an offer this morning.

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My closing is today (selling)


Yeah they probably went in with the attitude “It’s a total Seller’s Market. Just sell it as is!”, “$$$”, “Profit!”

Not getting that no bank is going to finance a house that needs a fricking new roof.

That is really bone-headed on the part of the Selling Agent to not know that, good lord.

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Put in our 9th offer a couple days ago. Great house, perfect location, perfect size. It’s in amazing shape.
Seller wants to work with us so we went back and forth a bit and ended up with a really strong offer.

Some asshole came in at the 11th hour with all cash offer. No appraisal, no inspection.

Fuck this whole process.


That blows. I thought the market was cooling.

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Market cooling for people with kids but otherwise it’s still a sellers market. Cash wins.

Sucks bud. Was there the same situation more than once in our hunt

My realtor told me about quite a few “cash” offers that fell through. I enjoyed watching the list prices drop.