Buying a house SUCKS

why do you think things will crash?

you may be right about a correction, but why do you think Crash?

if you think interest rates will rise and market will correct… how will that be a buyers market? HOusing will be less but interest rates more and dollars out will be the same

Only way buyers market happens is if Supply outpaces demand.

do you know how many homes are being built?
how many need to be built?

how many were being built in 2008 before things crashed compared to now?

what is the average # of days homes are staying empty?

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Anecdotally, I’ve been seeing more ‘Price Reduction’ notification emails in the areas I keep tabs on. May just be a seasonal thing of course (we’re past summer now), but I’d love to see the market cool down.

$3000/month in daycare is asinine. Why isn’t the wife staying home and raising your children.

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The crash is the dollar. People can’t unload them fast enough. It costs too much to build new because of material prices going through the roof literally.

So supply is lagging. With a weakening dollar…

As a consumer going forward. I don’t see a lot of marketplaces that will be a buyers market. If you are handing over dollars for real goods. Prepare to keep paying more.

.the only buyers market in a crash is if you are the banks. They will get bailed out and buy up all the properties. People sitting on cash. Take it on the chin.

I think this is more because people are insisting on listing their homes to high. My wife is an agent who told a woman she should list at $300,000. The women insisted on $325,000. No offers for 2 weeks, price reduction and sold the next day with multiple offers.

Wife has a good career on the upswing at a good company.

We got super lucky and found an in home daycare with two infant/toddler opening and got our boys into there. Woman been doing it 20 years. Only six total kids right now. Is actually two blocks from my office too. If I ever go back.

Only $1900 a month. Score.

a reduction or correction is not a “crash”

if the market takes 6 months or a year to correct… and you wait… and pay rent for that time ( lets say $2000 a month ) the house you want would have to reduce by $24000 to break even.

and there are some people on here that say theyve been waiting “years” for the correction. If they would have gotten in … they could have enjoyed the upswing in the market … put their rent into home ownership and taken advantage of cheap interest rates… but instead they are trying to time the market.

Even those that bought at the height of the Market in 06-07 and stayed are in a a better spot than if they had never bought at all


those are permits

these are housing starts

seems to be pretty optimistic to me…at least for the next 6 months most likely ( unless there is a HUGE problem like banks not doing their jobs, a pandemic, a war )

Still considering selling mine but I am waiting on some 100k over value type deals.

Plenty of folk trying to get in, but can’t due to a cutthroat market.

Houses are popping up all around me in florida. In some horrible spots/lots too. Busy intersections/roads. Asking a lot of money for them.

They go up super fast. Someone from out of state will gobble them up. So no question about the demand.

Going to look at two more today.

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How go?

One of them was crap. Liked the first one but they were already getting offers while we were touring it and it wasn’t worth the offers coming in. Just waiting for new listings now.