Buying a ufc through the PlayStation store

Do you have to watch it live or is there an option to watch after it's over?

You get it for 24 hours I believe . I always order mine through PS4

Nice. Thanks for the info.

Ah dunno mate ... I've no got a PlayStation. You're better of asking someone else.

Bought jones vs Dc and it froze plenty of times. Haven't bought one since 

I buy them on there always jd quality and it's only 45 bucks

Is it even good though? Doesn't it lag a lot?

I've ordered before and it's always been fine. I've just never tried to watch after it's over.

its more expensive for me. they add on another ten bucks.

It's 10$ cheaper if you have a PlayStation Plus account usually. Also for anyone having lag issues, just run an Ethernet cord to your PS and start a wired connection for the event.

Watching it through live event viewer (I think they changed the name) but you get like 10-15%off the ppv if you have psplus

Yep I pay 44.95 I think.

Last few times I ordered it I'm unable to rewatch it....