Buying Bitcoin for divorce

I have a buddy whose wife is losing it. Anybody know of the best way for him to stash a crypto rainy day fund? He has access to casinos so taking money from his account and turning it to cash isn’t a problem. Thoughts?

The saying with asset protection is that it’s like fire insurance: you need to buy it before the house is on fire.



Pretty sure hiding money is going to not end well. I’m guessing even if they can’t find it, they will still hold you accountable for it unless you can verify it was really gone

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Too late if it’s not liquid already. But if he already owns btc just put it in an external wallet and tell him to lose it up his ass

There’s only one option.

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Buy Monero. It’s a privacy based coin. Much harder to track transactions.

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The financial affidavit requires 2 years worth of statements. If he needs to move money out of existing accounts where those statements will be provided, well, good luck.

These threads always terrify me.

Yup. You should have hidden money before you even start dating someone. Always be prepared.


Send it to me, I’ll hold it for him.

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This is part of the reason I hold physical silver and gold in my safe.

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OP … go get a consult with a lawyer … this question is above our paygrade

don’t get your friend destroyed by a family judge because you took our advice

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Bank records would show any account linked to coinbase. But it’s up to the individual to keep the passwords and security profile. It might be possible to park 90% of your cash there. If you tell the courts you lost your password Im sure they would award the wife the full 10% of the remaining cash. I don’t know if that’s a loophole that would work or not.

I guess you could buy bitcoin for cash. Just say you lost in gambling

I think it’s important your friend establish a long history of going to the casino, taking out a ton of cash, and ‘losing it all.’. Because they are definitely gonna comb through his financial statements looking for where all the money went.

Would a court not buy it if he says he was drinking and gambling at the end and that’s how he made a chunk of the nest egg disappear within the last 2 years?

Or would the courts just fuck him harder on having to finance his wife’s life for the rest of his life, because he was a degenerate at the end of the relationship?

Men set up quite the patriarchy didn’t they? And women still complain.

Better to buy Liecoin

Buy SchlongedCoin. Send me the money and I’ll ensure your buddy’s wife gets Schlonged!

I’m no lawyer, but I went through a divorce a few years ago. Anything shady would likely be called out by the wife’s lawyer & I can’t imagine the court would look favorably on the husband. Hell, I tried doing everything by the book & still got screwed by the courts to the tune of about $200k (and my ex cheated on me & we had no kids). I have learned that happiness is worth whatever the divorce costs.