Buying Bitcoin for divorce

AlimonyCoin and CustodyCoin are best for this situation.

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PM me and I’ll send you my PayPal. Your buddy can send me the money and I’ll hide it for him.


Sure thing, MOM

BRB gonna make a crypto called DivorceCoin

What about OJcoin?

The Juice isn’t worth the squeeze.

Why bitcoin? I don’t think there is any advantage doing this in bitcoin. The hard part is not hiding the money it’s getting the judge to believe those transactions are legitimate (whether that’s losing it at a casino, losing it in a failed business investment, losing it to some manic spending spree) would help if you could show a pattern. If you go the gambling route probably should try and get yourself banned from a casino or 2. Go for a bunch of nights and withdrawal a bunch of money and play a bit, wait for you to lose it all one night and just go nuts and like tell the dealer hes a fucking asshole, maybe knock over some chips, maybe a chair or 2. Get kicked out, get banned. That’s on record now as you being a problem gambler. Maybe even go to whatever state sponsored gamblers program you have, go on a self exclusion list… then continue to go into the casinos… in real life this would occurr over months… maybe even years but I’ve seen it happen in months before.

Well, thanks for the advise guys.

I didn’t know if “gambling” a few hundred a week would send up red flag in court or not. Seems women could drop that on nails and purses no problem but we all know how one sided the divorce machine is.

If it’s really only a few hundred a week he can just take that out in cash and say he spent it at massage parlor. I mean he’s already getting divorced… why not just admit to that.

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