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I am having trouble finding a simple site to buy bitcoin without getting raped in fees. I just want to purchase them with my debit card. Anybody have a go to site for easy bitcoin buying? Coinbase was giving me a hard time saying my billing address was incorrect but it wasn't and coinpanda was asking me for a 2fa code? I don't even know what that is. Indacoin was only going to give me like $30 worth for $46. Any help will be appreciated.

I hear if you purchase things with bitcoin, you only pay micro pennies per transaction... Have you considered paying in bitcoin?

Circle used to be easy for debit cards, unfortunately they have closed down their bitcoin marketplace. Not sure about options outside of Coinbase I'm afraid.

A 2fa code is two-factor authentication. It is a security practice that is a must have in BTC land. Infact you should be using it for email & anything important. It should explain how you set it up with either a text message or google authenticator on the page. If you are just getting into Bitcoin learn about security practices. If your BTC is stolen from you it is gone forever.

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ATM's are very hit and miss, by design.


What kind of drugs you looking to buy ?

Second for coinbase



Third for Coinbase. Makes it super easy for ordering off Alpha Bay.... From what I hear anyway.



coinbase - I know you are having issues with this one, but mentioned it anyway

those are the only ones I know and they all have different challenges.

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PM me 

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We have to be friends and I can't figure out how to do that through the app. I'm seriously technologically retarded

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What kind of drugs you looking to buy ? 

Dick pills

Bitcoins are still a thing???? I legit haven't heard them mentioned once in months.

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Bitcoins are still a thing???? I legit haven't heard them mentioned once in months.

Almost at all time highs in price. Look out around March if the ETF proposals go through, it ill be all over the news again

or you can buy things that actually are real and have value