Buying BJJ gi in Japan?

Where can I buy a BJJ gi in Tokyo? Is their a website?


Probably not in english, that is,..but both FITNESS and ISAMI
shops in Suidobashi sell BJJ gi's.

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ok thanks!

Get them from the net, they are generally much cheaper. That's how I get mine.

I'm actually asking for a friend. He is moving to Tokyo to work. He is not bringing his gis from Canada because they take up too much room in his luggage. He wanted to buy his gi when he arrived. Anyone know of any Nova Uniao affiliates in Tokyo and avg price for training?


Pretty sure there's a Nova affiliate in Tokyo,..not sure where thou. Sorry

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Thanks. I scanned this forum a little more and found some useful info. Good stuff!

Average price for training is 10,000 yen per month
Just tell your FRIEND to find a place that is convinient to get to from the office. As long as foreigners are respectful of Japanese culture, any dojo wil welcome tehm.
Check out if he doesn't speak japanese, Max Matsuzawa speaks good English.

thank u guys. u have been really helpful

Gee Roxx if you still want the NU contact info in Japan I will email Dede and get it.

Hopefully Omar got it from you guys before he left.