Buying BJJ Gis in Oz/NZ

Where do people buy their Atama/Koral/Krugan etc.. gis from?

So far I have bought them from the U.S but the cost of shipping is a huge chunk of the cost and if you have to return it (say they sent you the wrong colour or size) you have to pay to ship it back.

I have not been able to find Oz retailers (well not online) here who stock this gear. I am even considering of getting into the business of retailing them down-under but I know little of the business of importing and retailing.

So what are your thoughts?

Does Elvis sell Gis?

Hey there's a guy named Steve who as far as I know is the Atama dealer for Oz. He runs a club out of Penrith I believe. Elvis should be able to order you an Atama gi as well.

If you want Koral, go to
This is the Australian ordering site for Koral.



At first glance the prices seem bad but when you add the shipping costs and convert then they are comparable.

I will be bookmarking that site.

Check out

Steve Perceval has been realy helpful when I've ordered gear from him (especially in the wrong size/color situations you mentioned) and Atama gear is top notch.
As I understand it, Steve is Elvis' supplier for Atama gear.

Hope this helps,


Good stuff. My only regret is not making this thread a few months back.

its always tough when ur faced with having to pay $180-$200+ for a name brand gi from australian retailers such as atama australia and koral and keiko raca.

i remember before went apeshit and started getting dodgy, i was getting gi's (machado, atama, gameness, etc) for about Aus$80-100 landed. tshirts cost me like $10.

i think the best bet is to get them thru ur instructor, or hook up a few guys that might be travelling overseas and get them to get u a gi. a few people will be going to this years mundials, so it might be a good time to buy then.

its tough to make a business out of mma products as its kinda small in australia.

an alternative is buying good judo gi's, they might be cheaper, but they tend to be a looser cut

Try Sensei's Martial Arts in Sydney. My club gets out "no-name" gis from here which are fine for training (and competition also)


DMMA imports/sells Gameness gi's. From my personal experience it's one of the nicest gi's I've ever worn. I
wear a single weave and I love it. Send me an email to and I can tell you more if you're interested



My brother in-law was just in brazil but the bugger left early and went to argentina instead, he even missed Mardi Gras. I was going to get him to pick me up three gi's over there.

DMMA thanks mate. I have currently spent my budget on Gis for the short term. I started this thread because I have been feeling frustrated. I was unsuccessful in google searches for decent Gis in australia.

I have an Atama Gold Weave that I love but I needed another as my no-name gi has died. I forked out a bit of cash for a Koral single-weave and when it came it was an A1 instead of an A2. I compared it to my A2 Atama and it was pretty much the same size but I think it has shrunk slightly (even though it is pre-shunk). It fits OK but I wouldn't want to get any bigger.

The whole ordeal has made me realise how it would be much more convenient to buy within the region.

I really like the feel of the Koral and it dries super fast, I may have to get an A2 and try and hock the A1 - I am currently pretty indecisive about the whole thing.

Yep, Steve Perceval is the Atama rep here in Australia.  Great guy, great gis.

Click for Atama Website


I bought mine from the Ground Zero lads. Top fit, still holding up perfectly.