Buying Computer Parts Online

What are some good sites for buying parts/memory? I am looking for top of the line RAM for my laptop. I have two slots and want 1 gig. Someone help. because of their fast free shipping and great RMA program

Thanks guys, I'll check them all out.

ttt good info all around

I use newegg almost exclusively. They have been around forever, they are fast, reliable and trustworthy.

With, you often don't know anything about the company at all. Even if pricewatch is cheaper than newegg, it's usually only by a couple of bucks. IMO, if I'm buying $400 worth of stuff, it's worth a tiny bit extra for piece of mind.

New Egg it is. What do you think of Crucial RAMM for an Inspiron 8200?

I've always gotten crucial RAM from newegg and it has always worked out awesome.

Their prices are pretty good, and the only techi friend I have constantly raves about it. If I have two slots, is it possible to install two sticks of 512MB? I am thinking about buying the Crucial 200 pin 512MB DDR SO-DIMM PC-2700-OEM. It's only $112.

What kind of laptop do you have?

Dell Inspiron 8200. I am thinking about going with Crucial for the RAM, unless anyone has had bad experiences with them.

The 8200 can only take advantage of up to PC2100, so there's no sense in getting PC2700 unless it's the same price. Max memory is 1 GB, so you will be able to use 2x 512 MB sticks. Crucial is great as long as you're not doing any overclocking. Make sure you get notebook memory and not regular PC memory.



Bookmark it. You won't be sorry.

How much RAM do you guys have? I heard we should all have a gig these days...