Buying Junk Car Parts?

When i was young you had to go to a junknyard and walk it and look for yourself.

how does one acquire a 2006 honda accord wiper arm easily?

when i google, it shows results, but when i click them, they dont have the part. What is my dumbass missing here?

i did find new ones for 110. F that!

I have done it a few times for old Audi parts and a great DIY salvage yard called Austin Vee Dub.

Also found  door parts for an '01 Tacoma online for quite a good price.

Keep looking!

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Just find a U Pull It or some shit.

I used to love going to those places.

look on ebay

Carve one from turquoise. It is the way of my people.


You can easily find part outs on CL and Marketplace too. 

Car-part and ebay have kept me from having to wander salvage yards for years. Not that it isn't fun, it's just that I never find what I need in yards.