Buying Shooto Gloves?

Our competition team is looking for shooto gloves to use for sparring class. We want the regulation, 8 oz., open palm gloves, but all I have found are the lace-up variety. We would like them to have velcro straps instead, as they are easier for use while training. Does anyone know of a good brand? We would like to keep the price under $50 if possible. Kagi and Twins have official shooto gloves, but they are both lace-ups. Help! Thanks.

Check out

Warfrog is a twins distributer, his site has some pretty sweet velcro gloves by twins.

Kagi is your best bet... no one is selling velcro gloves right now. Kagi's are officialy authorized gloves, Twins are "shooto-style"

Ouano may have the velcro style soon...

Check out Ensons site. Also email Rich @ he might have them in stock. They come in both Pride and Shooto styles.

Yup, I think I ssaw some on Enson's site. I got a pair of "Windy" velcro type ones from Japan. I don't know if you can get them in the US.

I couldn't get Enson's site to come up. The ones at Warfrog have velcro but do not list the size in oz. Has anyone bought these who can attest to them being Shooto regulation?