Buying weed in Ottawa

Hey dudes,

Recently moved back to Canada from Europe and am looking for a weed source. I believe the government is about legalize it here and there were some places that would sell to everyone but then they got busted. Are there still any legit dispensaries that don't require you to have a prescription?

What about ordering weed from BC? Is that legit?


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Yea bud mail

Honestly I don't 

budmail legit? Have you guys ordered from them?

Or if any Ottawa people have hook-ups please PM me.



Don't know about Ottawa, but if you can get to Toronto, there are dispensaries all over the place that you can get bud from with just your health card/photo id.

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Tried sending a PM but it says only friends and pros can.

But I have been buying online for years now in Canada and have never had a problem. I like Any order of $200+ is free shipping (otherwise $20 shipping), they have a points system for discounts, great weed and edible selections. Only takes about 2-3 days to arrive generally.

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