BW fights to make in the UFC

Following Barao's impressive title defense what fights would you like to see?

Fights already scheduled:

Faber -v- Menjivar
Pickett -v- Easton
Mizugaki -v- Caraway


Jorgensen -v- Bedford
Perez -v- Wineland
Viana -v- Rivera

Assuncao vs. Wineland

Bowles vs. McDonald

Viana vs. Gagnon

It's an exciting division, with some depth.

The same can't be said for 125lb, which I can't see surviving for much longer.

Assuncao is a good shout, he seems well suited to 135lb.

Vaughan Lee -v- Assuncao would make sense after Saturday.

TTT for bantamweight!

When is Cruz expected back?