BW is different now but I'm interested

Edgar just retired.
Aldo just retired.
Dillashaw just retired.
Cruz just got KOed and is old and inactive.
Garbrandt is unranked and inactive.
Munhoz is getting old and just lost three in a row.

Thats a big chunk of the old BW landscape right there.

Speaking of the old landscape, Cejudo is supposed to be returning to fight Sterling in May. Then O’Malley, Yan and Dvalishvili are right there and Vera and Sandhagen are fighting in March. Former FLW champ Figueiredo said he is moving up. Umar Nurmagomedov is climbing the ranks and looking for a big fight while Ricky Simon has quietly but together a 5 fight win streak with little press.

Pretty interested in how things turn out with the title picture and Cejudo/Sterling/Yan/Umar/Vera/Fig etc… over the next year.


16-0, Umar went 4-0 in his first year in the UFC and just turned 27 last month.

Took his 16-0, 24 year old brother just 1 1/2 years in Bellator to grab the LW title.


Petr Yan & Umar Nurmagomedov are very exciting

We got Cory Sandhagen v. Marlon Vera in late March

It’s still a great division

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Would love nothing more than to see petr Yan finish Merab with a brutal KO next month

Are usually agree with you, but not on this. War Merab!

It don’t need to be a brutal KO but I’m not Merab fan. He should never of gotten to fight Aldo for Aldo’s retirement fight and Aldo should have got the title shot over Dillashit.


Yeah that fight made no sense and then he made it a wall and stall. Was a shitty way to see Aldo go out

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I also believe it is time for Cruz to hang them up


Cruz vs Aldo would have been a great retirement fight for both…shit


That’s the fight I was begging for. For a very long time too. Or even Aldo v. Dillashaw

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Dillashaw gets KOed by Cejudo, pissed hot and sat out for 2 1/2 years, comes back and gets a SD over Sandhagen and then gets gifted the title shot and shows up for the money while being unable to compete.

Meanwhile in that same timeframe Aldo got four wins in two divisions, arguably beat Moraes as well so thats five wins and had 7 fights and he was on a three fight win streak while also being a champion for most of the past 12 years and UFC gives him the most boring fight possible and gifts TJ his title shot?

I’d say the whole Aldo/Dillashaw title shot situation is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen in the history of the UFC.



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This I agree with. Too old and broken

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Ufc is gay

So are you, but we still keep you around


Its a little gay, yeah, maybe ask the gay UFC to go to like Christian conversion camp or something to make it not gay or something if it bothers you that much. I don’t know, send Dana a tweet or something.

Umar is a beast. I’m surprised he’s not talked about more here.

Who’s going to hand out I’ve had a rough day blowjobs if we don’t?