I'm laughing just thinking about this one.

"Sacramento Kings guard Doug Christie and his wife, Jackie — famous in the sex-scandal scarred NBA for their closeness — are in talks to become reality-show stars. The couple — who are rarely apart from each other — are negotiating with VH1 to star in a family-style reality show, according to published reports. The couple's marriage is considered unique in the world of professional sports because Jackie isn't usually far from her husband's side and even travels on the team plane."

lol, what the fuck is VH1 thinking??

They are thinking it will be outstanding TV. What could be better than watching a basketball player on a subpar team and his dysfunctional family?

subpar?? Ninja please.

Just be happy you have Chris "MVP" Webber otherwise you'd be battling it out with the Hornets for worst team ever. ;)

LOL, I still can't believe that they didn't leave him unprotected. They've got to fucking know that the Bobcats wouldn't have taken him. shit

If this show happens I will get on it one way or another.

This I promise.


stfu asshole!!!!

At least you have Chris Webber aka the NBA's very own Honky Tonk Man aka the greatest intercontinental champion of all time. Carry on.


Hey Floppy, if you want to really troll those fuckers on the Sac board tell them you want to trade Webber for Rasho Nesterovic and Malik Rose. Hell throw in Massenburg if you really want to get them going. Make up a big old story how you'll have the deepest front line and a whole bunch of defensive stoppers yadda yadda yadda. I bet you money they will go freaking ape shit. LoL Hell screw saying you want the trade just tell them a friend of yours who works for the Spurs told you about the trade. LoL

lol, I haven't posted over there in a while.